Over 200 Armenian students to study at Russian leading universities free of charge

Armenian students will study at universities in Russia for free, director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Yerevan Mark Kalinin said, “Armenpress” reports.

According to Kalinin, the session of the working group on the organization of admission to Russian universities will be held at the end of March,in which representatives of the Russian Embassy in Armenia, the Ministry of Culture, Science and Education of Armenia, organizations of Russian compatriots in Armenia, as well as representatives of the leading Russian universities are included . “Working Group on a competitive basis should select 223 people from the Armenian students who submitted an application for admission to Russian universities”, Kalinin said.

Currently 389 applicants have submitted applications. According to Kalinin, Armenian entrants are very interested in getting a free education in Russia. The organizers are confident that they will receive about 500 applications before the end of the reception of documents on March 18.

Every year, 150 entrants from Armenia enter the most complex departments of the best technical universities in Russia. Kalinin is convinced that this year will be no exception as well.