Ministry: Russian universities in Armenia contribute to improving quality of education

The Minister of Education and Science of Armenia, Levon Mkrtchyan, on Monday met with Russian Ambassador Ivan Volinkin.

The Ministry of Education and Science informed Armenian that the minister said Armenian-Russian friendship relations have reflected on education sector, too, and noted that the Russian universities in Armenia contribute to improving the quality of education in the country.

Ambassador Volinkin, for his part, stated that Armenian-Russian relations are developing with dynamism, and that the matters are resolved in a climate of mutual understanding and agreement.

At the ensuing talk, the interlocutors expressed their intention to review the agreement which the Ministries of Education and Science of Armenia and Russia had signed, and stated that this reviewing will promote the development of bilateral relations in education sector.

Also, Minister Mkrtchyan proposed to resume the previous cooperation in science.

In addition, they discussed the avenues for implementation of further joint projects in science and education.