Levon Mkrtchyan raised Azerbaijani aggression at the COE Standing Conference of Ministers of Education

Armenian Ministry of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan participated at the Council of Europe 25th Standing Conference of Ministers of Education titled “Securing democracy through education – The development of a Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture.”

As the press department of the Ministry of education reports, Minister Mkrtchyan delivered a speech at the meeting.

Levon Mkrtchyan in his speech highlighted the role of democracy in strengthening the public and the state, living conditions of the people and the sustainable development of the world countries.  Minister Mkrtchyan in particular highlighted the four pillars of learning outlined by UNESCO.
Learning to know,
Learning to do,
Learning to be,
Learning to live together.

According to the minister, are the teaching people to learn the world, be active and act actively, realize the importance of the personal self-management within the global society are the cornerstone of the citizenship education The mentioned issues thus prioritize the reorganization of the national educational system content with respective adjustments to the need of promoting the four principles.  In his speech Levon Mkrtchyan reflected on the military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against Nagorno Karabakh Republic.
“You should be aware that the Armenian Genocide Centennial was marked last year. We  – the Armenians or the Ararat people as referred in historical reviews, are well aware of the notable role of democracy and human rights education in the public. Days ago, on April 2, our neighboring state Azerbaijan launched a military aggression against Nagorno Karabakh. As in 1915 this time as well civilians were killed. I am hopeful that the role of our generation is to say: “Stop that, never again.” And we should do that through education. The greatest challenge and aim ahead of the education is learning to live together in peace,” Mkrtchyan said.