Ranking Methodology of HEI-s to be Amended

A two-day workshop aimed at discussing and amending the current ranking system of higher education institutions of the RA, organized by the National Center for Educational Technologies of RA MoES, was summed up. The representatives of the MoEs, NCET, ANQA and the RA universities presented a number of proposals for making relevant amendments in the ranking system.

As a result of the intense and active discussion, it was offered to amend particularly the methodology of the ranking system, to modify certain indicators, to pay attention on the expediency of some criteria, their application and formulations. The participants reiterated the effectiveness of the meeting in that format and stressed that it would play an essential role in the improvement of the ranking process and enhancement of the confidence in it.

A draft decision on amendments in the methodology of the ranking system will be developed based on the presented proposals, which will firstly be submitted to public discussion, secondly to the Ministry of Education and Science of RA.