Executive MBA program of the University of Sheffield is launched in Yerevan

Executive MBA program of City College – International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, one of 100 best universities in the world, will kick off this month in Armenia.


Memorandum of understanding was signed between City College and Armenian Ministry of Education and Science on October 13, during the launch of the program.
The two-year program is designed for managers and businessmen, wishing to advance the skills necessary for personal and professional progress. 21 students are selected for the program.
Yannis Ververidis, Principal of International Faculty-City College of the University of Sheffield, remarked that for the first time Armenian managers and businessmen will get an opportunity to receive high quality British education and MBA title, while living and working in Yerevan.
“The titles will be presented by the University of Sheffield. The opening program will provide high quality; managers and business professionals will be the target. Scientists and professors from City College and University of Sheffield will teach the program. The students will have an opportunity to combine theory and practice, spending study weeks in Sheffield and   Thessaloniki as well,” Yannis Ververidis informed.
According to Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan, the entrance of one of the most popular British universities in Armenia may be highly significant from the point of improvement of education quality in Armenia.

“I hope that the successful experience will contribute to the attraction of other popular universities to Armenia as well,” the Minister noted.
“The incorporated program will not only provide formal education, but will also help to create interpersonal connections. I am glad that this is now available for Armenian students. It has been about a year that I am in Armenia, and I have noticed how much value is attached to education in Armenia,” observed the UK Ambassador to Armenia Judith Margaret Farnworth.
Ambassador of Greece Nafsika Nancy Eva Vrail called the program “the investment to the friendly country”.
“Let’s not forget that great number of students and PHD students receive education in Thessaloniki during recent years, strengthening centuries-old ties between Armenia and Greece.  Consular Office of the Embassy will do everything possible to facilitate the process of visa acquisition for students,” the Ambassador noted.