Iran is interested in cooperation with RAU

The delegation of Russian-Armenian University, headed by Vice-Rector for Science Mr. Pargev Avetisyan presented the University on “Armenia EXPO-2016″ exhibition, which was held from 5 to 8 of October in Tehran. The Exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Economy of Armenia, Armenian Development Foundation and the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Iran.

According to Mr. Avetisyan, the presentation of educational programs and scientific capabilities of Russian-Armenian University, aroused great interest among Iranian colleagues.
“In this context, the format in which RAU was presented became unique, - assured Mr. Avetisyan. – Especially, Iranian colleagues are interested in the joint Master’s programs with universities in the Russian Federation, the possibility of passing TOEFL and IELTS on the basis of RAU, the Swiss business school, postgraduate studies of Russian-Armenian University and many more“.
The exhibition “Armenia EXPO-2016″ has been demonstrated such sections and priority sectors of the Armenian economy, as the production of food, medical and pharmaceutical products, agricultural products, construction, banking, information technology, jewelry and diamond processing, glass production, textile industry, tourism, etc.
During the stay in Tehran, RAU delegation also visited a number of scientific institutions and meetings with prominent scientists and business leaders. The parties discussed the prospects of forming a tripartite Training and Research Centre for Oriental Studies (Armenia-Iran-Russia) and worked out general guidelines for the development of key projects.
Note that the exhibition “Armenia EXPO 2016″ is designed to promote the development of trade and economic relations between Armenia and Iran, promotion of bilateral investment, development of tourism and simplify the process of entering into business transactions.