About 200 students to participate in Summer School 2017

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Hungary… These countries will host ASPU students within the framework of Summer School 2017. Likewise, students from these countries will visit ASPU’s training base in Aghavnadzor.

Eighty-nine undergraduate and graduate students of Armenian State Pedagogical University drew lots to decide the host countries. By the way, over 200 students will participate in Summer School 2017 in Armenia. They will arrive in Armenia from ASPU’s partner universities from the aforesaid countries.

A total of 370 students had applied to participate in the international summer programme held for the 6th consecutive year. Before the casting of lots, they participated in a competition which checked their knowledge of foreign languages as well as other skills and qualities. “Besides testing the level of foreign language proficiency we also took into consideration their communication skills and ability to represent their country to foreigners as intercultural communication is one of the main objectives of the programme,” said Kristina Tsaturyan, Head of the International Cooperation Unit at ASPU.

She added that the commission was objective and impartial when summarizing the results of the competition. Besides, many additions were made to the programme and included in the national culture and history.

Participating in the draw were also students who spent their holidays at the ASPU training base in Aghavnadzor last summer. This year, they will participate in the programme outside Armenia. These students are not in their final year of studies yet.

Twenty-five students will travel to Hungary and Lithuania, 25 – to Aghavnadzor, 24 – to Belarus and St. Petersburg, ten – to Moscow State University of Psychology and Education and five – to Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

Ara Yeremyan, ASPU Vice-Rector for Personnel and International Cooperation, congratulated the winning students and assured everyone that parallel to the geographic expansion of the programme they also observed an increase in the quality of participants. “Communication with young people from different countries will contribute to the elimination of the language barrier and strengthening of cultural ties between different countries. It is very important in terms of the internalization of the Pedagogical University,” he said.