Armenian National Agrarian University

74 Teryan, Yerevan, 0009, Republic of Armenia

Armenian National Agrarian University, one of the leading universities in the Republic of Armenia, is the only higher educational institution that trains specialists for the agrarian sphere. In the direction of improving the education quality reforms have been launched for already 10 years that continue nowadays in the framework of Bologna Declaration.

Through the 80 long years since its establishment, the university has carried out its mission of preparing professional and qualified specialists with broad knowledge, ability to make decisions, with respect of national ideology. In the context of further development international cooperation programs are very important and the university has done voluminous work in this direction conducting international cooperation programs, exchange projects both for students and lecturers. The professorial-pedagogical staff of the university has provided different organizations with professional practical and theoretical consultation.

At present ANAU offers more than 30 undergraduate, master, as well as more than 20 post doctorate courses in the following fields: Agrobiologic Specialties, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Foodstuff Technologies, Economics in Agrifood System, Engineering in Agrisystem.


In order to make students everyday life more interesting and to increase the efficiency of the educational process ANAU Student Council, together with Student Scientific Society launch a storm of activities, organize permanent meetings, round table discussions with students and so on. All the mentioned activities are carried out by students’ efforts through a close collaboration with the University governing body (rector’s office), dean’s offices and other subdivisions of the university. Students, mostly PhD students, from Iran, Syria, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Portugal and Germany study at ANAU.

ANAU students pass their internships in leading industrial complexes and organizations of the RA, as well in the teaching-experimental farms of Balahovit and Voskehat. The six problem laboratories play a great role in scientific-researches done both by students and lecturers. The two scientific-research institutes hold applied scientific researches concerning the questions of food security, biotechnology, agriculture mechanization, electrification and etc.

Every year about 16 nominal scholarships are provided for those students who had an excellent academic progress and active participation in the public sphere.

ANAU Career Development and Consulting Center assists the students in finding the right way for their career planning, it also provides consultations on CV and cover letter writing, interview and job research tips, as well as informs about available vacancies.


ANAU Alumni Union was founded in 2005. Alumni of ANAU, as well as of former Armenian Agricultural Academy and Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institute are members of ANAU Alumni Union. Alumni Union supports the development of improvement of educational process and qualification of personnel. Various treaties have been signed with different organizations and as a result scientific-research innovations of ANAU scientists are invested in the industry. ANAU alumni actively participate in different spheres of social life of our Republic.


Armenian National Agrarian University offers full-time and part-time courses for undergraduate, master and doctorate students in most of specialties. Undergraduate courses are available in 35 specialties, master courses- in 36 specialties and doctorate courses- in 29 specialties. Courses are included in the following blocks: Agrobiologic Specialties, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Foodstuff Technologies, Economics in Agrifood System, Engineering in Agrisystem. The University has more than 450 master students and 240 postgraduate students, it also should be mentioned, that among postgraduate students there are citizens from Syria and Iran. The procedure of admission of foreign citizens is regulated according to the regulatory documents of the RA Ministry of Education and Science. Students are provided with opportunity to live in the dormitory of ANAU.

The university also implements the project of continuous learning; pre-educational courses are available in ANAU Base Lyceum and in ANAU  Agricultural College, which train the future specialists for the University.

Agribusiness Teaching Center

The Agribusiness Department (Agribusiness Teaching Center) of the ANAU was established in 2000 through a collaborative effort by ANAU, Texas A&M University, and the financial support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The ATC is a western-style agribusiness education center suggesting high quality undergraduate and graduate Agribusiness programs for preparing professionals able to assume leadership roles and to achieve sustainable entrepreneurial activities in agribusiness and related industries. The ATC prepares agribusiness specialists armed with broad economic, marketing, and managerial skills, up-to-date communication abilities and excellent knowledge of English. The knowledge and experience acquired at the ATC make the graduates competitive not only in the growing regional agribusiness sector but also internationally. The curriculum is western-structured, based on the related undergraduate agricultural economics and Master of Agribusiness (MAB) programs of Texas A&M. Courses are taught in English by instructors with graduate degrees from leading U.S. and European universities. The ATC is home for students from Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, as well as –through international exchange programs – from many other countries. The high quality western standard education, healthy international environment and the spirit of a family make the ATC a unique place to study.

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Auditoriums and Facilities

In the context of training high-qualified specialists the university administration attaches a great importance to the training of professional specialists, as well as provides educational process with modern technologies, adequate conditions and usage of information technologies.

In this sense ANAU Scientific Library is a unique agriculture information repository in Armenia. It has a rich academic and scientific collection of literature in agricultural, veterinary and related sciences. It frequently acquires new publications and periodicals published by internal and external scientists.

The Internet Cabinet of ANAU is equipped with all necessary devices and also serves as a lecture room, where practical and theoretical courses are held. This cabinet also serves for professorial-pedagogical staff, scientific employees.






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