Mkhitar Gosh University

3/7, Sebastia, Yerevan, RA

On June 1, 1995 a group of teachers, lawyers and scientists, in accordance with the law on an entrepreneurs’ activity of RA, established a higher educational institution named after great Armenian lawyer of the Middle Ages, the author of Armenian Code of Laws, Mkhitar Gosh.

The Mkhitar Gosh University was registered in the State Register of RA and got the State License by decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of RA for implementation of higher, special secondary and general public education.

Within a short time period all reasonable conditions for training and premises were provided, and before the sixth anniversary the University received the State Accreditation of RA.

Our University has about 1000 students.

The management of the University has closely been cooperating with Moscow State Pedagogical University after V.Lenin being provided with their curriculums, subject programs, worked out professional criteria, etc.:

The University is accredited with all its professions.

Higher Educational activity is implemented at the University for the following professions.
Management, Jurisprudence, Finances, Foreign languages, Pedagogy and methods. The University has the masters degree and the post-graduate studentship for the same professions. Research- Methodical Newsletter “Mkhitar Gosh” has been registered in Higher Certification Committee since 2004.

The University has its own special educational seven buildings, sport complex, swimming pool, hostel, laboratories and studies in Yerevan and Vanadzor, The research works are on a high level 5 graduates and 9 colleagues (by acted professions) have maintained candidate theses and doctorate dissertations (theses) for the last 3 years.

The University has the preparatory and 3 degrees’ secondary school.
The slogan is “The University education from the preparatory school”.
The teaching of foreign languages at the University is based on a high level. A group of students from the 4th course of foreign languages philology department of Yerevan State University in 2009-2010 academic year brilliantly graduated Italian and Spanish Business Course which was organized by the graduate of Buenos Aires University Candidate of sciences Garry Derdzyan.


The University consists of departments, chairs and divisions.

The Departments are the main structural academic units of the University which implement educational and scientific-research activities. The Departments consist of chairs, laboratories and other educational and research units.

The Chair is the basic academic and scientific subunit of the Department, which organizes the instruction of a specialty, specialization and relevant methodical and research work.


The governance of the University is carried out in accordance with the Legislation of RA and the University Statute based on self-governing by combination of the principles of personal leadership and collegiality by activities of the University board, Academic Council, Rector’s Council and Student Council.
The governance of everyday activities is carried out by the Rector – the executive body of the University.
The Rector’s Council is a consultative body presided by the Rector, the structures and authorities of which are defined according to the University Statue.

The Student Council is a self-governing body and has its representatives in the University Board, Academic Council and Rector’s Council.


The Department of Social Sciences and Languages was founded by the merger of the Departments of Social-Political Disciplines and General Economics, Law and Languages.
3 functions at the Department: Economics: the Armenian Language, the Russian Language; Foreign Languages. 4 Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant professors and lecturers are employed at the Department, 25 of the faculty (27%) have scientific degrees.

A sociological group has been formed and functions on the basis of the Department. The group carries out all university researches, the regular survey, named “The lecturer in the eyes of the students”.


The Department of Computer Systems and Informatics (1995) was created in 2005.
The Department has 5 Chairs: Computer Engineering, Automated Design of Electronic-Computing Devices, Algorithmic Languages and Programming, Software Engineering, Automatic Control Systems. The academic staff of the Department includes 6 Professors, 36 Associate Professors, 57 Assistant Professors and Lecturers; 46 of 99 faculties (47%) of the Department hold scientific degrees. The biggest Department of University today counts 1023 Undergraduate students, 189 Master and 12 Postgraduate students, studying here in 4 specialties of 4 degree programms.


Founded by University graduates and employers in 2000 (this union based on a voluntary cooperation aims to support the links).

Today it has involved over 500 members, among whom there are famous Politicians, well known personalities in Science and Art, leaders of Business and industry. The Alumni union central office is located in Yerevan, while its branch in Vanadzor.


The Foreign Students Division is responsible, for the administration of admission and educational processes of international students together with the assistance in their everyday needs, while the other SeuA Departments provide course development and teaching for foreign students. The education of foreign students in University accomplished at the preparatory level. The usual instruction languages are Armenian and English, however instruction in Russian is also available if necessary.


The Correspondence courses combined with industrial work of the students go back to the 2002s.
Unlike the full-time faculties, the list of specialties offered has frequently undergone changes depending on demand of engineering specialists in the Republic.
At present 140 undergraduates study here.


With over 1000 students, including students from foreign countries, The University is a multinational and multicultural institution with a long-standing tradition of respect for diversity. The Yerevan campus boasts a wide range of cultural and sports facilities, including a concert hall, a swimming pool, and gyms. The University’s Green Hall hosts a variety of music events to meet all tastes, from classics to folk and techno. Language and culture clubs arrange many social and cultural events for those who want to learn about other countries’ history and traditions or practice a foreign language.
Facilities exist for both indoors and outdoors sports, such as football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, korfball, fitness, bodybuilding etc.

The University Student Council established in 2000 is conducting student self-governance activities of the University. The Student Council consists of Central Student Council, three Departmental Student Councils and Foreign Students Council. The main activities of the Council are in the fields of education, art, sport and in social programs.


The University aspires to become an institution:
- where the entrance and educational resources are accessible to diverse social and age groups of learners, to both local and international students,
- adaptable to environmental changes and responsive to the changing needs of the society and economy and the demands of the employment market,
- that prepares students for a full-fledged career, professional progress, innovation and leadership,
- that provides quality education by integrating theory and practice, creating a sound in the educational process,
- where technologies are integrated in educational and research processes and provide unified standards of effectiveness and quality in all programs and campuses,
- which is guided by global prospective and moves toward European integration of its educational and research systems.

Address: 3/7, Sebastia, Yerevan, RA
Working days and hours: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri – 9.00-17.00
Telephone: + 374 10 74-70-40