Yerevan Gladzor University

7/1 Grigor Lousavorich St., Yerevan, 0015, Armenia

In 1990 the significant medieval Gladzor University revitalized as Yerevan Gladzor University and started to function as a well-deserved successor of its historical predecessor And now the honored academic staff (more than 90 candidates of science, MA and PhD degree holders, Professors) of Yerevan Gladzor University provides entrants a perfect chance to become highly qualified specialists with profound professional knowledge.

Yerevan Gladzor University (accredited in 2001), due to its high level of proficiency, highly qualified academic staff, as well as, rich, up-to-date and efficient educational plans and course outlines, and its great academic potential has deserved appreciation and has been awarded a number of rewards within its two-decade existence. The main aim of Yerevan Gladzor University is to be a well-deserved successor of the historical Gladzor and as such to promote the development and advancement of higher education throughout Armenia, neighboring regions and Armenian Diaspora.

Departments and Specialties

Students seeking admission may apply to Yerevan Gladzor University for undergraduate and graduate degrees (BA and MA) and post-graduate degree (3-year study leading Candidate of Sciences/ Ph.D.).

The study for BA degree at YGU presumes the choice of specific aspects of specialties with the aim of gaining thorough practical and theoretical knowledge. Hence, YGU offers entrants the following Departments and their corresponding specialties for the study for BA degree:

• The Department of Law
International Law
Civil Law
Criminal Law
Constitutional Law

• The Department of Economics
Finance and Credit
Accounting and Audit

- The Department of International Relations

- The Department of Foreign Languages (English, French, German, Spanish)

- The Department of Interpretation/Translation

- The Department of Journalism
Newspaper/Magazine Journalism
Television and Radio Journalism
Television and Radio announcing and broadcasting

- The Department of the Armenian Language and Literature

- The Department of Information Technologies (Computer and Information Systems)

Graduate Studentship for MA degree and Requirements for Admission
at Yerevan Gladzor University (YGU)

Students who wish to pursue 2-year graduate study at YGU may apply to the following departments: Law, Finance, Management, International Relations, Foreign Languages, and Journalism. The admission for an appropriate specialty is carried out via interview. The applicant must have either a 5-year higher education Diploma, or he/she must have earned an undergraduate bachelor’s degree (BA degree) or its equivalent. Intramural, as well as extramural courses for graduate study are available.

Post-Graduate Studentship for Ph.D. degree and Requirements for Admission at Yerevan Gladzor University (YGU)

Under the resolution passed by the Minister of RA Education and Science Ministry, since 2005 YGU has been granted the right to commence 3-year intramural and 4-year extramural/correspondence post-graduate studies for the following specializations: Law, Economics, Armenian History, Journalism and Foreign Languages. Presently 35 post-graduate students are enrolled at YGU. Moreover, PhD degree was conferred on 18 YGU alumni who defended their post-graduate theses at RA National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan State University of Economics and Yerevan State University. Presently, those honored alumni teach back at their dear University and they do their utmost to have their valuable input into the education of the Gladzorian new generation.

Secondary School “Gladzor”

Yerevan Gladzor University has also Secondary School “Gladzor”. The alumni of Secondary School “Gladzor” receive a Secondary Education Certificate and they have the opportunity to enter Yerevan Gladzor University with the pass scores gained from state centralized admission examinations.

Education Administration

To remain competitive an elaborated credit system for an efficient education administration has been implemented since 2006 at Yerevan Gladzor University. And this innovation has the goal to bring about radical changes in the education administration as well as to introduce a new grading system and modern methods of carrying out extracurricular classes.

YGU Library

Access to information is essential to academic success. The university library provides a wide variety of learning resources to support the teaching and learning process. It has a collection of numerous volumes in different languages. The wide-range library resources are constantly replenished with necessary professional literature, dictionaries, encyclopedias, journals, magazines, academic publications and other reference tools.

YGU Electronic Library, Computer and Language Laboratories

Superb and fully equipped e-library, computer and language laboratories provide great opportunities for both students and academic staff. The labs maintain communication network that provides access to other computers, nationwide electronic libraries, the Internet and the World Wide Web. To facilitate foreign language acquisition great emphasis is placed on helping the students to gain profound knowledge in any foreign languages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, etc.). Therefore, the language laboratories offer a full range of services to make foreign language teaching more effective; it incorporates both audiotape and videotape collection, including special audio-courses for all possible levels of language teaching.

Foreign students

Yerevan Gladzor University is ready to educate not only Armenian, but also foreign students. During some period of time foreign students get appropriate knowledge to get professional education in the Armenian language in further. They can get both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in the fields of Economics, Law, International Relations, Foreign Languages, Journalism, Armenian language and literature. Those foreign citizens who have a Master’s degree and read and speak fluent Armenian and Russian can apply for post-graduate education. For a number of specialties the courses may be held also in English.

More information

- Certain privileges and tuition reduction are available in case the student is either an orphan, or one of his/her parents is a martyr of liberation movements, or his/her brother or sister is also considered to be the learner of YGU.
- The students’ undergraduate and graduate practicum is held in the Office of Public Prosecutor, Civil/Criminal/Appeal/Constitutional Courts, etc, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, leading Commercial Banks and Enterprises, Publishing Houses, TV and Radio Centres and various educational institutions.
- Yerevan Gladzor University provides the students with sustainable and fundamental knowledge that makes it possible for students either to recruit local and foreign agencies/organizations and to become leading specialists or to pursue their studentship abroad.
- Yerevan Gladzor University alumni are awarded a bachelor’s or master’s diploma of state recognition.
- The university takes steps towards publishing textbooks, manuals, professorial staff and PhD student research materials and monographs presented at annual conferences, which enables both the professors and PhD students to report about their research work results to the associations of higher educational institutions.
- Since 1996 the monthly newspaper “Nor Gladzor” has been issued with the investment of a great deal of time and effort of students.
- The university has a fully equipped Gym-Hall, First-Aid Room, a Canteen, an Open-Air Cafe and a Legal Clinic. Moreover, “Gladzor” TV studio enables the students to improve their skills in making and broadcasting TV programs.
- The Student Research Union and Student Council have their enormous contribution on the learners in terms of enriching and applying their knowledge, as well as taking their active participation in social, cultural and intellectual projects.

Address: 7/1 Grigor Lousavorich St., Yerevan, 0015, Armenia
Working days and hours: Mon-Fri, 09:00-18:00
Telephone: +374 10 54 59 80; +374 10 54 59 82; +374 10 54 59 84