Vanadzor State Pedagocial Institute

Armenia, Vanadzor, Tigran Mets 36

There are currently 33 Bachelor’s degrees, 10 Master’s degrees and 5 Doctoral degrees in the Institute. The academic program is carried out in full-time and part-time systems 7 of which are university, others pedagogical

To supply the educational institutions of the north-eastern region of RA with teaching staff, and at the same time with the aim of organizing part-time education of RA teachers in Kirovakan, by the 1969 July 9, # 455 decision of the Council of Ministers of Armenia, Yerevan part-time Pedagogical Institute was moved to Kirovakan and renamed Kirovakan State Pedagogical Institute. Despite a series of decisions and orders adopted by the Government and local authorities of the time in favour of the Institute, firm establishment of the Institute required persistent and hard work. It was rather difficult to recruit staff with high academic degrees and ranks, a staff who would have ample teaching experience in HEIs. Due to great efforts and persistence, the Institute was gradually formed with its full-time and part-time departments.

With the time building conditions were improved, laboratories, courses and new rooms were established. Lecturers became engaged in scientific work and the bases of team work were put. The town acknowledged the existence of the Institute. To this end it is worth mentioning the efforts of the newly formed personnel and the administration, state bodies and parties of the time.

There have been 5 faculties since 1969, but the number of specialties has reached 3 dozens instead of former 6. Nevertheless, the development of the educational establishment has not been an easy one. VSPI history, like the history of the region, is divided into pre and post earthquake periods. Since RA joined the Bologna Declaration VSPI educational reforms are being done in the framework of Bologna Process with the aim of being integrated into the European Higher Education Area. The institute implemented three-cycle degree system –Bachelor’s degree (2004), Master’s degree (2008) and Post graduate study (2006). Teaching is organized within ECTS.

Over 4200 students study in Bachelor degree, almost half of them are enrolled in part-time curriculum, 202 students in Master’s degree and 6 in Doctorial.

There are 5 faculties at the Institute: “Philology” ,”History and Geography”, ”Pedagogy”, ”Biology and Chemistry ”, “Physics and Mathematics”.

At present there are 21 chairs: “Armenian language”, “Russian language”, “Foreign languages”, “Literature”, “History”, “Theory of Economics”, “Philosophy and Political Science ”, “Pedagogy”, “Psychology and Sociology”, “ Fine Arts”, “Plant Biology (Botany) and Geography”, “Chemistry” , “ Biology and Physiology” , “ Theory of Physical Education and Methodology ”, “Mathematical Analyses”, “Mathematics and its teaching methodology”, “Physics”, “ Informatics and Economical- Mathematical methods and moralization ”, “Technology and Entrepreneurship”, “Principles of medical science”, “Civic education and issues in emergency situations”, “Physical Education”.

VSPI is a member of RA higher pedagogical establishments’ consortium. Today in the framework of international relations VSPI has established cooperation with the following European HEIs: Academy of Marseille Teacher Training Institute (France), the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg (Germany), Darmstadt Evangelical University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Kostroma State University (Russia).
In the framework of international relations VSPI staff members have carried out educational missions in the USA, France, Germany, UK, the Czech Republic and Greece. The Institute closely collaborates with IREX, DAAD, OSI, TACIS, TEMPUS, GREFF organizations. In the framework of international relations student and professor staff exchanges are realized, conferences and seminars are organized.

In the recent years much attention is paid to institute-school relation. A number of school Olympiads, internships for the teachers are organized. In four cities of the region (Tashir, Stepanavan, Spitak and Alaverdi) there are education advisory councils. All the novelties that are being implemented in the institute serve for the sake of the students and their education.

Today about 70% of those engaged in the educational sphere of the region are graduates of VSPI. Diploma awarded by VSPI is valid for working in fields other than educational as well. In the region 77% of the headmasters are graduates of the Institute. They also work in the field of sports, art and other spheres. In the previous 40 years more than 22.000 students have graduated from the institute.

VSPI is the biggest higher educational establishment in northern Armenia. It is now in the process of development which will of course have challenges, but for sure aims for great achievements and success.


There are 5 faculties at the Institute: “Philology” ,”History and Geography”, ”Pedagogy”, ”Biology and Chemistry ”, “Physics and Mathematics”.


Scholarships are given to students with high advancement. Those students are awarded with nominal scholarships. For the students studying in the system of Bachelors degree with the following scholarships; Hrant Matevosyan scholarship, VSPI scholarship, VSPI rector’s scholarship, Zh. Hakhinyan scholarship. For the students of Master’s degree “Young explorer’s” scholarship. The institute is cooperating with “Trpantshian family”, “School of Lori” and “Devout generation” foundations.


VSPI has the following centers:

1. Knowledge and scientific center
2. Cultural center
3. Sport and military center
4. Department of Educational Reforms and Relation
5. Education quality management center

The circles and artistic ensembles functioning in the institute are;

1. Dance circles
2. Ethnographic ensemble
3. Vocal-instrumental ensemble
4. Young writers’ circle


The college was founded in 1997. More than 250 pupils study at the collage. Studies are organized by the standards of high school. Academic activities are organized in the following directions: Arts- Armenian language, English; Armenian language, History; Armenian language, Russian language and history. Physics and mathematics- Physics and mathematics. Science- Chemistry and Biology.


The technical college was founded in 2011. Four departments function- “Translation studies and clerical work”, “Economics, accounting and audit”, “Service management”, “Computing machinery and automatic control systems” . The duration of studies is 4 years. 10% of the graduating students studying with excellence can continue studies at VSPI in 2nd or 3rd courses.

Address: Armenia, Vanadzor, Tigran Mets 36
Working days and hours: Monday- Friday, 8:45-17:45
Telephone: +374 322 4 18 53