Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Bryusov

42 Toumanyan st., Yerevan, 0002, Republic of Armenia

YerevanStateLinguisticUniversity“Bryusov” is the leading university inArmeniain the field of linguistic and liberal education.

YSLU is a unique blend of the old traditions and innovative ideas founded in 1935.

As of September 2011, the University had almost 2900 undergraduate, 350 graduate and 63 postgraduate students.

During the 76 years YSLU added a new policy to its traditional teaching education by providing new MA, BA and PhD programs in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and Public Relations. Its main strengths lie in the field of Semiotics, Comparative Linguistics, Linguistics and Information Sciences, International Journalism, International Tourism, European Studies, Multilingual and Multicultural Education. It has a strong and constantly growing component of foreign language study, and all the students of the University study at least three foreign languages. The University offers five foreign languages as majors (Russian, English, French, German and Italian) and 21 languages as minors.

Now University consists of three Faculties that offer BA (4 years) programs. The “Bryusov” University has 14 Chairs and 16 Centers that are responsible for the development and elaboration of academic and research courses and programs. The MA (2 years) and PhD (3 years) Programs Department is responsible for the elaboration, design and implementation of graduate and postgraduate programs in cohesion with current needs.

Education provided at our University is based on the large scale of generic and specific competences that meet the challenges of the global world and a degree from “Bryusov” University is attractive on the labour market.YerevanStateLinguisticUniversity“Bryusov” has been successful in carrying out research programs. The success can largely be attributed to the interdisciplinary research and cross-boundary collaboration on regional, national and international levels.

The University provides an exceptional learning environment which encourages the personal and intellectual growth of all its members, faculty members and the students, fulfills their ambitions and intellectual passions, and has proclaimed as its values academic quality both in the field of education and research, openness, transparency and an outward focus on society and the prosperity of the country.

The University has received the mandate from the Ministry of Education and Science to develop a number of strategic programs for the development of foreign language acquisition for the basic and high schools ofArmenia.

We are very proud that every year students from more than 20 countries of the world are enrolled in our academic programs.

We are looking for more challenges, and the extension of international relations at our University allows us to be in contact with the diverse educational institutions all over the world and via it to adopt and share our mutual experiences.

Our graduates eventually walk out into the world thoroughly trained and prepared, skilled and confident, and ready to rise higher in the career opportunities.



Many of our committed and enthusiastic staff are expert practitioners as well as leading professors, and often combine teaching with work at the cutting-edge of their fields of expertise. Several are engaged in interests of national and international importance. As acclaimed specialists in their fields, our professors are also frequently called upon to provide expert opinion on world events and cultural topics.

In addition, many of our staff are actively engaged in research and have published widely in their specialist areas, sharing their in-depth knowledge through teaching.



YerevanStateLinguisticUniversityoffers one of the most comprehensive ranges of undergraduate degrees inArmenia. It offers the following BA degree programmes, for each of them mode of attendance- full-time, length – 4 years, start date – September.

BA students can obtain a degree in the following three departments of YSLU:



They can acquire their BA degree with the specialties of “Linguistics and intercultural communication”, “Linguistics”, “Translation studies”.


Yerevan State Linguistic University offers the following Master’s Degree Courses for each of them mode of attendance- full-time, length – 2 years, start date – September:
031100 Linguistics

Comparative Typology


Linguistics and Information Technology

031200 Linguistics and Intercultural Communication

Information and Communication Technologies

International Relations

European Studies

International Tourism


032300 Translation Studies




031300 Foreign Languages and Literature

Multilingual Teacher

Armenian as a Foreign Language

Pedagogical Psychology
032400 Russian Language and Literature

Pedagogy (Russian as a Foreign Language)

032000 Public Administration 

Education Management and Planning
030600 Journalism

International Journalism


YerevanStateLinguisticUniversity“Bryusov” offers the following languages as majors and minors:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Spanish
  6. Italian
  7. Portuguese
  8. Polish
  9. Bulgarian
  10. Ukrainian
  11. Chinese
  12. Korean
  13. Japanese
  14. Hindi
  15. Arabic
  16. Greek
  17. Persian
  18. Turkish
  19. Georgian
  20. Hebrew
  21. Rumanian
  22. Latin


Classrooms and facilities

YerevanStateLinguisticUniversityoffers a wide range of modern facilities to its students. YSLU library, the state-of-the-art lecture halls, laboratories and IT services ensure that students are provided with an environment in which they can learn, both successfully and comfortably.

Language cabinets are equipped with excellent audio-visual and IT facilities that support both the language and the wider cultural aspects of the courses, and emphasis in teaching is given to the development of both oral and written skills.

As many students spend a lot of time at the library YSLU aims to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with enough space for students to study in this area. Our library has much more than books and photocopiers; wireless internet access, DVD and video collections, online study resources are all available.

The library of YSLU is a member of Electronic Library Consortium of Armenia and is connected to the network of electronic libraries, which makes it possible to access SpringerLink and EBSCOhost electronic databases. Access to the mentioned databases is open from YSLU computers only.


Student Services

Throughout the studies, the students are provided with an education environment which supports them to develop skills to direct their own learning.

The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive. Students can approach lecturers or other staff for help at any time. In addition to classes and assignments the main source of learning comes from mixing and discussing ideas with the fellow students.

The Career Center operating at YSLU deals with employment issues of its students and alumni. The mission of the Center is to contribute to the competitiveness of YSLU students and graduates in the labor market, reinforcement and development of continuous networking between the university and its alumni.

The International office of YSLU aims at helping international and exchange students to adjust to their studies at University as well as to life inArmenia.

It offers a number of support services which help to contribute to a positive international experience. We provide guidance and assistance in acquiring visa and residence card inArmenia, help them to settle their study problems. You can reach us at:


tel:         +374 10 53 02 72


The Guest House, located in the University area, is intended for foreign guests, lecturers and researchers arriving at YSLU. All the rooms of the Guest House are designed in modern style, furnished with high-quality furniture and provided with necessary facilities and equipment. Each room has a separate bathroom with hot and cold 24-hour water supply, as well as a kitchen, a washing – machine, a refrigerator and a cooker. The rooms are equipped with a telephone and have an Internet connection.

Foreign students studying at YSLU can live at YSLU student hostel, located inKomitas Avenue. There are double and triple rooms furnished with modern furniture, TV and refrigerator. The bathroom is equipped with washing-machine, hot and cold 24-hour water supply.  The rooms are equipped with a telephone and an Internet connection.


Tuition and Fees

At YSLU all the fees are paid in Armenian Drams /AMD/.

The tuition fee for students enrolled in BA Degree Programs in 2012-2013 is

400.000 AMD for the citizens of the RA

410.000 AMD for international students.

The tuition fee for students enrolled in MA Degree Programs in 2012-2013 is

450.000AMD for the citizens of the RA.

470.000AMD for international students.



Those who are interested in passing an internship period at YSLU will have an opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their educational experience through practical work assignment and they will gain experience of working in multicultural and multilingual environment.

Internships are organized on an individual basis and if you feel interested, contact us at:


tel:        +374 10 53 33 31


Community Life


YSLU is located in the centre ofYerevanand is not far from such prominent places as the Opera House, the Cascade andNorth Avenue. It will take only five minutes to walk to the Republic Square where theHistoryMuseumas well as theNationalArtGalleryare situated.


YSLU is quite near the best shopping destinations ofYerevan.

There are a lot of places of entertainment in our city that offer plenty of ways to enjoy free time. All the famous theaters, concert halls, cinemas, restaurants are located mainly in the centre of the city and it takes maximum 10 minutes to walk from University to these places.



The mission of YSLU Alumni Association is to establish long-term relationships between YSLU and its graduates. The main activity and goal of the Association is to promote the implementation of YSLU educational and scientific programs and to establish friendly relations and partnership between students of different departments, enhancing employment opportunities for University alumni.

Anyone can provide the Association with considerable intellectual, advisory, moral and financial assistance and become an honorary member.


International Student Admission Policy needed to apply:

YerevanStateLinguisticUniversity“Bryusov” is considered to be one of the best higher educational institutions inArmeniaand in the region providing language education. Our University encourages all foreign students to study here as one of our most important missions is to provide cross-cultural communication and to create multilingual and multicultural environment through linguistic diversity.


Those students who do not hold a citizenship of the Republic of Armenia should turn to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia (,, tel. +374 10 52 73 43, +374 10 52-52-07). In case of an approval from the Ministry, YSLU will deal the further process. The international office of YSLU will support international and exchange students to adjust to their studies at University as well as provide guidance and assistance in acquiring visa and residence card inArmenia.



Address: 42 Toumanyan st., Yerevan, 0002, Republic of Armenia
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