Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute

4 P. Sevak str., 3126, Gyumri, Armenia

Established in 1934, Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute provides programs, services and activities designed to further the development of Shirak region.

Every year GSPI welcomes hundreds of students from different parts of the country to our educational establishment.

GSPI is located in Gyumri, in the central and historic center of the Republic of Armenia.
GSPI was officially unveiled in Leninakan in 1934 with grand celebrations. Having played an outstanding role in higher educational system of the Republic of Armenia, now the Institute stands at the peak of its 75th anniversary.

The Institute is renowned for excellence in teaching and learning, which is reflected in the success of its distinguished graduates.

GSPI has agreements with universities in Armenia, Russia and Europe to allow students to transfer their credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the level of academic excellence demonstrated at the Institute, students are able to transfer to well-known institutions nationwide.
The Office of International Relations and Reforms coordinates a competitive scholarship program that enables faculties to participate in international professional development programs abroad. The Office also provides support to faculties developing new international courses and updating their courses to include a global perspective. The Office coordinates an annual study abroad scholarship program. Students can apply to study in a variety of countries for periods ranging from 2 to 8 weeks. The Office regularly coordinates cultural and educational programs designed to assist students in learning more about our rapidly changing world. These programs frequently feature GSPI faculties, staff and students who have international and intercultural experience. Many guest lecturers to GSPI are hosted by the Office each year.

GSPI has participated in number of international programs funded by the following organizations: TEMPUS/TASIS/, Eurasia, IREX, Jinishyan Foundation, INTAS and others.

GSPI offers more than 35 associate degree programs that enable students to complete the first four years of their bachelor’s degree after which, depending on the level of academic excellence demonstrated at the Institute, students are able to transfer to master’s degree program. Students pursuing their master’s degrees are taught by professors, who have advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience.
Students can enroll in bachelor’s degree programs in the following departments:

• History and Philology
- The Armenian Language and Literature
- Journalism
- History
- Law (for teaching purposes)

• Physics and Mathematics
- Physics
- Mathematics
- Information Technologies
- Technology and Entrepreneurship
- Management

• Pedagogics
- Primary Pedagogics and Psychology
- Pre-School Pedagogics and Psychology
- Pedagogics and Psychology
- Social Pedagogics
- Social Work
- Fine Arts and Drawing
- Musical Education

• Foreign Languages
- Translation Studies
- The Russian Language and Literature
- The English Language and Literature
- The German Language and Literature
- The French Language and Literature

• Biology and Geography
- Biology
- Geography
- Chemistry
- Pharmaceutical Chemistry
- Geology and Ecology
- Natural Sciences

• Physical Training
- Primary Military Training
- Physical Education
- Training in Life-saving activities
- Kineziology

Students who wish to go on a master’s degree can pursue one of more than 10 master’s programs:

• The English Language and Literature
• The Russian Language and Literature
• History
• Biology
• Geography
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Information Science
• Pedagogy and Methods of Elementary Teaching
• Pedagogy and Psychology
• Physical Education and Sport

The number of Institute departments grew yearly to meet the increasing demand for specialists in the fields of education, technology and programming. The wide range of specialists has been recently enriched by new programs. These programs prepare students for work in occupations such as Applied Arts, Applied Mathematics, Service, Mapping and Land Survey.

Gyumri State Pedagogical College, founded in 1924, is 87 years old. It has been reformed into the department of specialized secondary education of Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after M.Nalbandyan. It provides pre-service education in the following specialties:
• Teaching in Elementary Grades
• Pre-school Education
• Teaching of the Armenian Language
• Teaching of the Russian Language
• Social Work
• Marketing

Excellent reputation acquired by the institution during the years enabled it to perfect and develop the existing opportunities and facilities, promoting the training of young people for their specialized secondary qualification.

Looking back on many decades’ experience of this institution, one can see the promising future of the department of specialized secondary education, assuring profound and comprehensive knowledge for the coming generations.

Requirements for Admission
• Application form
• Original and certified copy of secondary school diploma
• Application fee of 180000 – 350000 AMD paid by check, bank draft or money order

Address: 4 P. Sevak str., 3126, Gyumri, Armenia
Working days and hours:
Telephone: +374 312-33001
Fax: +374 312-33001