Russian-Armenian University

123 Hovsep Emin str., Yerevan, 0051, Armenia


Russian-Armenian University is an intergovernmental institution being under the joint authority of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia.  Founded in 1997, RAU has become a leading educational and scientific center in Armenia, proving to be an excellent model of integration in education.

RAU has its mission in preparing highly qualified specialists who correspond to the new century demands and in assisting them to pursue a career corresponding to their knowledge and abilities. We offer innovative, career-focused degree courses. RAU was one of the first universities in Armenia to switch to Bologna Process and to ECTS credit system. RAU graduates occupy strong position in the job market not only in Armenia and other CIS countries, but also in EU, USA and elsewhere in the world.



Nowadays, when about 3/4 of all Armenians live abroad, one of the key objectives of RAU is the integration of the Diaspora. A crucial part of our activity is to provide conditions for adaptation of Diaspora Armenians to the national culture and to help the younger generation of emigrant-Armenians create connections with the homeland.

Around 30% of students admitted to RAU each year are young people from CIS countries (mostly Russia, which stands for the largest Armenian Diaspora, but also Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) and other countries. At that, citizens of CIS countries are entitled to be admitted on resident basis under the budgetary system i.e. be exempted from tuition fees.

RAU graduates receive a unique opportunity to determine their future at their own discretion – they are granted both Russian and Armenian diplomas. Senior students have many opportunities to continue their education in other countries, as RAU is partner with more than 60 world famous institutions and universities. Our students are taught by highly qualified professionals with explicit research and practice experience, while visiting professors from leading universities and business schools regularly deliver lectures and specialized courses at RAU.



Nowadays RAU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. There are 5 Institutes operating within the University and offering 21 majors. Besides, more than 20 laboratories function at RAU. Students are taught by highly qualified professionals with explicit research and practice experience. Furthermore, visiting professors from leading universities and business schools regularly hold courses at RAU.

Academic Departments


At RAU there are 31 Departments working within 5 Institutes:

Institute of Mathematics and High Technology

Institute of Economics and Business

Institute of Law and Politics

Institute of Humanities

Institute of Media, Advertising and Filmmaking.


Classrooms (Centers) and facilities

There is a Center of Pre-University Education based at RAU. The center aims at educating applicants to RAU and other universities. It gives an opportunity to applicants to enter RAU based on the results of final tests conducted by the Center.

Secondary school “Usmunk” was established under the auspices of RAU in 2009. The school offers deeper learning of the Russian language.

RAU Business School was established in 2008. The chief aim of RAU BS is organization and coordination of commercial educational projects in scope of RAU. Most of the programs are postgraduate or professional development programs. RAU Business School provides innovation-oriented education using western approach to educational process, adhering to the existing international standards.  It is a dynamically evolving, licensed educational institution in the field of business education and a member of CEEMAN international management development association, which employs modern approach to the methodology and quality in business education.

RAU Business School holds a joint MBA program with highly qualified and well-known Universities, such as European University (Monteux), SBS Swiss Business School and Master Programs of Glasgow University.

RAU has its own Publishing House which has been engaging professors and students since 2002. It has published over 140 volumes.

RAU library contains more than 80 thousand books, journals and multimedia items, with a large collection of material available on short-term loan for fast access. There are readers’ halls for independent study. The library offers the benefits of access to an electronic library which contains the database of over 30 thousand books.

RAU is the only university in Armenia to open its own Sports Complex in 2009 which corresponds to international standards. It is a multi-use facility which provides many opportunities to engage in sport and physical activities. The total area of Sports Complex is 7680 square meters (tennis courts, football pitch, and gym).

Wireless internet connection is available within the entire territory of RAU. Computer labs with the latest software are available for student use.



RAU has long identified scientific research as its priority. We conduct research at laboratories based within the Institutes of RAU and in cooperation with major Armenian science centers, including the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. More than 20 laboratories along with several research groups function at RAU. Students of all levels are encouraged to embark on scientific explorations and participate in research conferences. Professors and postgraduate students conduct activities geared towards solving pressing issues of modern science, their research interests varying from Natural and Computer Sciences to Social Sciences and Humanities.

Student services

RAU Career Center is designed to help students find corresponding jobs and to connect with the employers. It conducts special trainings for last-year students in resume writing and job interviewing techniques.

RAU provides accommodation at the AGBU Vahe Karapetian Center for the exchange students in a fully equipped and renovated, while at the same time low-cost student dormitory. The dormitory, located 15 minutes drive from the University offers single, double and triple rooms.

Two cafeterias offering a variety of hot meals, snack items and beverages is available daily from 9:30 a.m. to 17:00p.m.

Students run their own radio and TV stations within the University.

The Healthcare Center at RAU supports the well-being of students and RAU staff.

Security Services department maintains a secure and safe environment at RAU round the clock.


RAU Alumni Association conducts various events to contribute to the professional development of RAU graduates and to strengthen ties between the alumni and the University. While being actively involved in their communities, RAU alumni make time for mentoring, advising and assisting current students and networking with fellow graduates.

RAU alumni may be found everywhere including government, NGOs, private businesses, etc.

International programs

RAU cooperates with the leading educational institutions and organizations around the world. Joint projects and conferences are regularly held at RAU. We implement joint Master’s programs with several leading universities. RAU offers a double degree on Master’s programs in Finance with the University of Glasgow. In 2016 RAU launched an exceptional Master’s program with “Kaspersky Lab” on Cybersecurity. There are also a number of educational programs in agreement with “Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute”, the Institute for Physical Research of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and “SYNOPSYS Armenia”.

Tuition and fees 

RAU offers paid and tuition-free education depending on the results of exams and the course that you study.

For more details, visit our webpage or contact Department of Education Policies (Tel. (+374 10) 27-70-66; E-mail:

Financial assistance and scholarships

RAU has a flexible system of scholarships for academic excellence. Besides the scholarships from private funds of the University, students with advanced attendance and outstanding academic achievement may become legible for Presidential Scholarship of the President of RF, scholarship of RF Government, scholarship of Prefecture of Central Administrative District of Moscow City, personal scholarships of the Interstate Bank and RAU personal scholarships.

Not only budgetary students, but also students studying on paid basis may become entitled to incentive plans. With every semester of advanced attendance they receive increasing discounts on tuition fees, and after four straight semesters of advanced attendance the University may adopt a decision to completely relieve the student from tuition fee.


RAU delivers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. The main language of instruction is Russian; however, we offer courses in Armenian and English as well.


Bachelor’s/Certified Specialist Programs

  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Foreign Region Studies
  • Design and Technology of Electronic Means
  • Economics
  • Electronics and Nanoelectronics
  • Inforcommunication Technologies and Communication Systems
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Jurisprudence
  • Linguistics
  • Management
  • Philosophy
  • Philology
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Tourism
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
  • Film and TV Directing


In CIS countries, there are still some academic programs, upon graduation of which the graduate obtains a diploma of “Certified Specialist”. This degree combines both BA and MA degrees. The Certified Specialist programs assume 5 or 6 years of studies.


All applicants must complete and submit an application package to RAU in accordance with the Schedule of Admissions and take the standardized graduate examination applicable to the particular program. Incomplete packages will not be processed and considered. The package must include:

  • Passport (original or copy: photo page & address page)
  • Application form taken from the Admission Committee
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • 6 photos (3×4)
  • A document on the military service
  • Documents certifying any privilege


The exams on Russian Language and Russian Literature should be taken in the Russian language; other exams may be taken either in Russian or in Armenian. The documents should be delivered to RAU personally. Documents sent by mail or post are not submitted.


For applicants, who have graduated from schools of RA and Russian Federation, the SSE results (Single State Exam) are counted as entrance examination results, though depending on your chosen program, some exams are to be taken at RAU: Russian language (dictation), foreign language (oral), creative writing, art history and creative competition.


For further information, please contact the Admission Committee: (+374 10) 27 70 52 or 27 70 66.


Master’s Programs

  • Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Quantum and Optical Electronics; Microelectronic Circuits and Systems)
  • Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems (Radio Communication Systems and Devices)
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics (System Programming; Mathematical Modeling; Mathematical Physics, Mathematical and Data Support in Economic Activity; Mathematical and Program Support for Information Security (jointly with “Kaspersky Lab”)
  • Economics (Financial Economics; Political Economics; IT in Economics; International Economics; Accountancy and Audit; Economics and Migration; Financial Engineering; Insurance; International Finance and Financial Institutions (jointly with the University of Glasgow); International Financial Analysis (jointly with the University of Glasgow); International Corporate Finances and Banking (jointly with the University of Glasgow)
  • Management (Strategic Governance; State and Municipal Governance; Project Management; Education Management; Tourism Management)
  • Law (Business Law, Commercial Law; Civil Procedure, Arbitration Procedure, Constitutional Law, Municipal Law; International Public Law, European Law; Corporate Law; Legal Support of the Eurasian Economic Integration (jointly with Altai State University, Russia); Criminal Law, Criminology, Penal Law; Criminal Procedure, Criminalistics, Operational Search Actions; Theory and History of State and Law, History of Legal Doctrines)
  • Political Science (Applied Political Science; Theory and Methodology of Political Science; National Security)
  • International Relations (Theory and History of World Political Process; International Relations and Diplomacy; International Relations and Diplomacy (jointly with MGIMO University, Russia); Diplomacy (jointly with Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Psychology (Personality Psychology; Management Psychology; Political Psychology)
  • Journalism (Political and Economic Journalism; Culture and News Reporter; Multimedia Journalism)
  • Advertising and PR (Strategic Communications in Advertising and Public Relations)
  • Foreign Region Studies (Chinese Studies; Japanese Studies; Iranian Studies; Indology)
  • Tourism (Service Technology and Management in Tourism)
  • Philology (Russian as a Foreign Language. Linguo-culturology; Theory and History of Russian and Foreign Literature; Translation Studies)
  • Linguistics (Foreign Language Teaching Theory and Methodology)
  • Philosophy (Philosophical Aspect of Modern Information Society and Cross-Cultural Communications)


The following documents are required:

• Application (is filed in the MA department);

• Diploma of higher education (BA or Specialist Diploma);

• Passport (Copy);

• 6 photos (3х4);

• A document on the military service (Copy)

Ph.D. Programs

RAU has a variety of Ph.D. programs, which cover a three-year course of study. During these years students have to complete degree requirements and defend their dissertation. They begin the research at an early stage and work closely with faculty throughout the program.



Address: 123 Hovsep Emin str., Yerevan, Armenia, 0051
Working days and hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Telephone: + 374 10 27-70-52; +374 10 26-11-93
Fax: (+374 10) 22-14-63; (+374 10) 26-97-01

Address: 123 Hovsep Emin str., Yerevan, 0051, Armenia
Working days and hours: Monday through Friday
Telephone: + 374 10 27-70-52; +374 10 26-11-93
Fax: (+374 10) 22-14-63;(+374 10) 26-97-01