State Engineering University of Armenia

105, Teryan str., 0009 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

State Engineering University of Armenia (Polytechnic) is the legal successor of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, which was founded in 1933 having only 2 departments and 107 students. The institute grew along with the Republic’s industrialization pace and in 1980-1985 reached its peak with about 25 000 students and more than 66 majors, becoming the largest higher education institution in Armenia and one of the most advanced engineering schools in USSR. On November 29, 1991, the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute was reorganized and renamed State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA). In 2005, by the Resolution of the RA Government the traditional name “Polytechnic” was returned to the University as an acronym.
During 78 years of its existence, the University has given nearly 115 thousand graduates who have contributed greatly to the development of the industry forming once powerful engineering manpower and technology base of Armenia.

At present SEUA has over 10 thousand students. The number of the regular academic staff of the University exceeds 900, most of them with Degrees of candidate or Doctor of Science.

Today the University in its central campus located in Yerevan and the Branch Campuses – in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Kapan, accomplishes 4 study programs of vocational, higher and post-higher professional education, conferring the qualification degree of junior specialist, bachelor, master and researcher. Besides the degree programs, the University also offers extended education courses by means of its faculties and a network of continuing education structures. The specialization scope of the university includes all the main areas of engineering and technologies represented by 29 Bachelor’s and 32 Master’s specialties in Engineering, Industrial Economics, Engineering Management, Applied Mathematics and
Sociology offered by the following faculties:

- Chemical Technologies and Environmental Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Machine Building
- Mining and Metallurgy
- Cybernetics
- Power Engineering
- Radio Engineering and Communication Systems
- Computer Systems and Informatics
- Transportation Systems
- Applied Mathematics
- Mechanics and Machine Study
- Social Sciences and Languages
- Correspondence Education

In SEUA, according to the rules functioning in the RA higher educational system the tuition for native students having high academic progress is compensated by the Government and they receive a state scholarship during studying. Those students who pay for their study themselves and have good progress can aspire for personal scholarships functioning in the faculties. In turn, every year the Unity of SEUA graduates and friends in Los Angeles gives over 100 scholarships to socially unsupported students with high grades.

With its developed research system and infrastructure the University is nationally recognized as the leading center in technical sciences. The Research Division of the University involves a number of research laboratories and scientific groups that implement more than 34 research projects financed by the state budget as well as by different international grants. Hundreds of researchers, engineers and graduate students are committed to meet the industrial and scientific needs within their respective focus areas. Many of the projects underway at the SEUA laboratories are carried out in close collaboration with industries in Armenia and abroad. Special emphasis is put on faculty and student involvement in research activities – the University views it as the most efficient way to ensure the highest quality of teaching and to prepare industry-ready engineering graduates.

A good example of SEUA productive cooperation with industrial partners is organized through the SEUA Interdepartmental Chair of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, which operates in the premises of SYNOPSYS-Armenia CJSC. It prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of VLSI design and EDA who will meet the specific requirements of semiconductor and IT companies.

Apart from the listed faculties SEUA has Foreign Students Division which is organizing the education of international students from across the Middle East, Asia and East Europe. Their overall number today is almost 150. The majority are from Iran, India, Nepal, others are from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Russia and Egypt. The instruction languages are Armenian and English, but if necessary the study can be organized in Russian and French. The Foreign Students Division is responsible for administration of educational processes for international students, while various faculties provide academic frame for education of foreign students. The education at SEUA is provided at Preparatory Program, Bachelor, Master and postgraduate Research Engineer (Candidate of Science) levels. The applicants are required to fill in the Application Form received by the request or e-mail contact from the Foreign Students Division. The Application Form is a basis to invite the Applicant to Yerevan, where he passes tests in English and basics of Mathematics and Physics. Depending on the results the Applicant is registered in undergraduate or preparatory program. The SEUA does not have its own student hostel, but the University can provide accommodation in the student hostel belonging to Ministry of Education and Science of RA.

The University has a leading role in reformations of the higher education system in Armenia. SEUA was the first Higher Educational Institution in RA that introduced two and three level higher education systems, implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in harmony with the developments of the Bologna Process. During the last decade, the University has also developed an extended network of international cooperation including many leading Universities and research centers of the world. The University is a member of European University Association (EUA), Mediterranean Universities Network, and Black sea Universities Network, is involved in many European and other international academic and research programs.
SEUA is a multinational and multicultural institution with a long-standing tradition of respect for diversity. The Yerevan educational complex boasts a wide range of cultural and sports facilities, including a concert hall, a swimming pool, gyms and recreation camps. Facilities exist for both indoors and outdoors sports, such as football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, fitness, bodybuilding etc. The University’s basketball teams are among the best student teams of the Republic. The SEUA has summer sport and recreation camps in most picturesque resorts: “Polytechnic” (village Pyunik), “Tourist” (village Meghradzor), Sailing sport camp (village Ayrivan, Sevan Lake shore). During summer vacations students and the staff can enjoy the beauty of Armenian nature, spending their holidays in these camps where some summer training programs are organized too.

The University aspires to become an institution, where the entrance and the educational resources are accessible to diverse social and age groups of learners, to both local and international students, as well as to become an institution, which is guided by global prospective and moving toward internationalization and European integration of its educational and research systems.

Address: 105, Teryan str., 0009 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Working days and hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00-17:30
Telephone: +374 10 524 629; +374 10 567 968
Fax: +374 10 545 843