University of Economy and Law after Avetik Mkrtchyan

Khorhrdarani Str. 32/1, Yerevan 0015, Republic of Armenia

 University of Economy and Law after A. Mkrtchyan (UEL). UEL was founded in 1990 by Avetik Mkrtchyan. In 1990 the university was called «Progress Engineer». In 1992 the university was renamed University of  Economy and Law with the following departments: law, economy, psychology and international relations. In 1996 two more departments were added to the existing ones: foreign languages and pedagogy and teaching methodology in elementary schools.

In 2000 the University participated in the RA procedure of quality evaluation of education and was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science. This allows the university graduating students to get state diplomas, as well as to work at RA state and private institutions. Consequently, the status of the university and its responsibilities has increased. Also, the requirements to get admitted to the university became rigid. The university board has invited several highly qualified language teachers who have rich teaching experience, and highly experienced professionals. In 2003, in Munchen, the University was awarded a gold medal as one of the best universities for its scientific work. It has become an associated member of the non-state higher educational institutions and formed a union with other foreign higher educational institutions.

After the death of its founder, in 2008, the university was renamed Law and Economy University after Avetik Mkrtchyan.

UEL Academic council was formed parallel with the foundation of the university. It was re-formed in 2003. Academic council investigates and gives solutions to the main issues concerning educational methodology, as well as those related to the organization and management of scientific research. Academic council meetings are held at least once every three months.

The Academic council is the university executive body headed by the university president. It regulates and establishes a model status for all the departments, on university president’s advice establishes rules and regulations for infrastructure, maintains the overall university discipline, establishes rules due to which academic staff can occupy vacancies through fair competition, and other normative acts to be applied within the university. It also presents the university admission terms in state governmental bodies, designs curricula for different faculties, discusses the most important and perspective university scientific works (the reports of scientific results obtained from scientific research), makes decisions about who will get Law and Economy University after Avetiq Mkrtchyan awards such as Honorary Doctorate, Honorary Head of the department, Honoured Professor also who will be awarded with university medal and who will be honoured with international titles.

LEU Academic council members

Mkrtchyan Laura (candidate of science in Psychology; assistant professor)
Albert Voskanyan (candidate of science in Technology, assistant professor)
Benik Manukyan (candidate of science in Economy; professor; associate member of the Academy in Humanitarian fields of science)
Abrahamyan Hrant (doctor of History; professor)
Melkumyan Ljudvig (doctor of Biology; professor)
Hambartsumyan Sashik (candidate of science in Psychology; assistant professor)
Vardanyan Babken (candidate of science in Pedagogy; professor)
Bagratyan Sergey (candidate of science in Economy; assistant professor)
Hovhannisyan Henrik (candidate of science in Economy; assistant professor)
Chobanyan Anahit (candidate of science in Biology)
Qristine Dadyan (candidate of science in Philology; assistant professor)
Avagyan Vachagan (candidate of science in Philology)
Grigoryan Mihran (first class consultant of Justice)
Dgirayr Harutyuni Kharatyan (first class consultant of Justice)
Gurgenyan Minna (senior professor; first class consultant of Justice)
Meliqyan Karine (secretary of academic council)

The university has student council that has its own rules, goals and issues. The student council is an important link between the university authorities, lecturers and students. Its goal is to assist and take an active participation in organizing different educational events, getting involved in university activities and realizing students’ projects. Its members’ mission is also to discover potential and creative students and support them to develop and establish themselves as individuals. Student council and some other active students collaborate with youth organizations, participate in meetings, military activities, and are always present at public and university events, thus signifying the importance of close relationship with other university students.

To increase the students’ aesthetic views it is essential that students attend theatrical performances. Even more important are the discussions and debates thereafter. The students also take part in the events organized at the university such as chess competitions held yearly, simulated court cases among universities. Student council organizes tours as well to see Armenian cultural-historical monuments thus emphasizing the significance of educating students to be real Armenians, as well as the importance of preserving spiritual values.

The university life is illustrated in() newspaper. Here you can find the works written by talented students. Due to the active life of the student council the university students participate in almost all events organized in Yerevan such as Erebuni-Yerevan festival. They also volunteer to join other students during days-off to clean the city and make it a pleasant place to live in. Every year, on the 24th of April the university academic staff and the students visit Tsitsernakaberd as a tribute to the victims of Armenian genocide in 1915. The university president holds round-table meetings with student council members to discuss the issues related both to the university policy and to the students.

Student academic council of Law and Economy University after Avetik Mkrtchyan was founded in September, 2001. The main goal of the council is to train scientific personnel. Student academic council activities are regulated and supervised by Academic Council.

During these years the council has played an important role as a university subdivision. During its active life the council has greatly contributed to the training of scientific personnel, organized many scientific meetings, held conferences, seminars and delivered lectures. The works of young scientists and students have been printed as well.

Every year, in spring, the student scientific council organizes competitions among faculties. During these competitions the best students of the university manifest their knowledge, and present their scientific reports to the committee set by the university academic council. At the end of the meetings the best scientific works and reports are awarded by the latter.


Our university has twenty years’ history. It was founded in 1990 by academician Avetik Mkrtchyan during the hard and difficult times for our country. After Armenia got independence, LEU became one of the private higher educational institutions that got permission to act as that, and later in 2001 it got state accreditation. During these years the university have faced a lot of challenges and could overcome all the obstacles in its way. The university was among the first to adopt a two-stage (bachelor – master) educational system. Since 2008 the university educational system has been based on credit system, and now it is in its way to improve, and enables students to enjoy quality education similar to that of international educational standards.

Today, on the eve of its twenty years of active functioning, the university opens its doors not only to the students but also to pupils in top classes. It is an educational complex with its own building and sufficient space, rich material and technical foundation, well-known and experienced professors, lecturers and teachers. There is also e-library, student council, student academic council, andclub.

The university has all the prerequisites to be integrated into international educational system, simultaneously retaining and developing national values.

We think that education shouldn’t be considered as a business, that is why, we continuously make investments to provide our students with the opportunity to get use of high quality technology. We take this seriously and devote all our time and efforts to creating facilities for our younger generation, as educated young generation is the wealth of the nation and the future of the country.


- Law
- Finance
- English language and Literature
- International Relations
- Psychology

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