Gavar State University

1 Hrant Hakobyan Street, Gavar, 1201, Gegharkunik, Republic of Armenia

The University provides higher education in two levels – Bachelor and Master. The education is organized in accordance with the principles of the ECTS credit system.

There are the following faculties at the University: Philology, Natural Sciences, the Humanities, Economics, and Correspondence education.

The list of Faculty Departments:

Faculty of Philology
- Armenian Language and Literature
- Russian Language and Literature
- Foreign Language and Literature

Faculty of Natural Sciences
- Biology
- Environmental Chemistry
- Geography
- Informatics and Computer Engineering
Faculty of the Humanities
- Law
- History
- Pedagogy and Methodology /for Primary Education/
Faculty of Economics
- Finance
- Accounting
- Enterprise Economics and Management
Faculty of part-time education
- Armenian Language and Literature
- Russian Language and Literature
- Pedagogy and Methodology /for Primary Education/
- Geography
- History
- Law
- Accounting

Management of the University is carried out by the University Council, the Academic Council, the Rector’s Board, and the Faculty Councils. The University has 14 academic chairs with professional academic staff.

The University has about 3000 students from Gegharkunik Marz, Yerevan and other parts of the Republic of Armenia. The academic and administrative staff of the University comprises 250 members including well known doctors and professors, candidates and assistant professors.

Gavar State University holds annual scientific conferences, and publishes materials of the conferences every year.

The University has the following structural subdivisions: Academic Policy Department, Quality Assurance Department, Public Relations and Information Department (PR @ IT Department), and Computer Service Department. The library and the reading hall of the University serve not only to the University students and lecturers, but also the region’s population.

The university conducts preparatory courses for the applicants, also it holds courses of foreign languages, basic computer and internet skills, journalism and other educational programmes for its students and staff members.

The University has a Legal Clinic, Club of Economists, Club of Natural Sciences, Art Studio and Career Centre. Student self-governing bodies, such as Student Council and Student Scientific Society, function actively in the university.

Gavar State University is a member of consortia of higher educational establishments providing pedagogical and linguistic education in the Republic of Armenia.
Within the programme “Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window”, financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission (EC-EACEA), the University provides the mobility of the students and academic staff members to the following European universities to continue their studies or scientific research activities at:

- Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece
- University of Tuscia, Italy
- Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
- University of Ruse, Bulgaria
- Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal
- Rezekne’s Augstskola, Latvia
- Swansea Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

The University is cooperating with the RA scientific and educational institutions, regional government authorities in Gegharkunik and local self-government bodies, youth, educational, scientific and cultural organizations and international associations.

The University carries out various social security programmes for its students and staff members. The University professors are provided with dormitory accomodation. Gavar State University students have access to scholarship funds generously provided by “Jerair Nishanian Foundation” and fellowships after Robert Yengibaryan. They also receive financial support from “Turpanjian Family Foundation” and “Devout Generation Foundation”.

In addition to educational programmes, Gavar State University students are encouraged to participate in a variety of social events.

Gavar State University is a dynamically developing higher educational institution which prepares competent specialists of high quality meeting the requirements of the time.

Address: 1 Hrant Hakobyan Street, Gavar, 1201, Gegharkunik, Republic of Armenia
Working days and hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Business hours: 90:00 - 18:00
Telephone: +374 264 25775; +374 264 30505; +374 10 282075