Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture

A. Manukyan str. 11, Yerevan, 0070, Armenia

The history of the Institute dates back to 1930 when a 3-year full-time technical school was founded in Yerevan.

In fact it was the first specialized educational institution in the Republic the aim of which was to prepare teachers of physical culture for comprhensives.

In accordance to a Dicision #557, July 21, 1945 the Council of People’s Commissars in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia in the structure of the Sports Committee 4 year full-time Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture was founded. For the first time in the Republic a specialized higher educational institution (HEI) of its kind was founded since then it has been playing the leading role in the training highly qualified national teachers in the field of physical culture and sport.

Over 12.000 high-class specialists have graduated from the Institute among them many famous athteles, winners of the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, merited coaches and teachers, outstanding scientists, statesmen and public figures, deputies of Parlament, etc.

There are three main faculties, 18 departments, Department of academic affairs, Department of educational system development and quality assurance, Department of teaching and clinical practical experience, Foreign relations Section, Department of science, Methodological Councils, Trad-Union, Sports club, Electronicl library, Students’ Council, Students’ scientific Council, Research centre, dispensary, Information Centre, the museum of the history of the Institute, Publishing section, Magistracy, etc.

The Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture is a separate independent institution with its unique role in the national and regional sphere of education, science and culture.

Its main objectives are: to offer a broad program of academic education, to create scientific basis, to devise pedagogical methods, giving profound knowledge, its transmission and extending in the frames of the national strategy. Proceeding from the principles of the national policy of RA in the sphere of education, the HEI urged every opportunity for students and the teaching staff in the development of valuable mental and personal qualities and thus to make a worthy contribution in improving the well-being of economic, social and cultural life in the RA.

HEI Physical Culture being the only institution in the sphere of physical culture and sport offers a broad innovative programs of academic education, encourages its students and teachers with their innovative and useful ideas.

During 66 years of its history the HEI has formed certain durable values and habits uniting several generations of students and teachers and characterize the main features of physical culture and sport.

The Unique Role and Social Responsibility

Being the leader and the alma mater and specialized area of physical education, the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture has its own unique role in the process of training and is responsible for the development, physical fitness of young generation, as well as vast masses, military forces in the spirit of Armenian traditions etc, which leads to a healthy way of living.

Available Education

At present 3173 students are studying at the Institute including foreign students. HEI shows great concern for education to each person with mental and physical ability to gain the higher education and provides highly qualified and available education, supports financially, various ways of considerible discounts of fee-payment is in action. The cooperation with different funds supports the students who have achieved excellent records with scholarships.

The Teaching Staff

The teaching staff numbers 215 lecturers, including 25 Doctors and 63 Candidates of Sciences, proffessors, senior lecturers and 90 merited and honoured coaches of physical culture and sport, merited coaches of Armenia and the USSR.

Foreign students admission procedure

Teaching is conducted in Armenian and Russian languages.
The education is free of charge for the students who enter the Institute by the intergovernmental agreements. They will be provided with scholarship.
The students who enter the Institute by the individual agreements must pay tuition fee for each academic year.
The Institute has scientific – research center where massage course is taught, library,
educational and sport basis.
The following documents are required for entering the Institute:
passport, school-leaving certificate, birth certificate and certificate from living place, medical certificate, 6 photos (4-5 size).


The Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture provides the following types of Scholarship 1 – 3 year – 5000, for excellent students from 1 -3 course – 6050 AMD, for 4 th year students – 5200 AMD, and for 4th year excellent students – 6300 AMD.
For Master`s degree students- 5500 AMD, for postgraduate students – 25000 AMD.
There are also nominal scholarships in our Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan, 5000 AMD and Scholarship after Alik Abrahamyan – 90000 AMD. 45000 AMD for the first semester, 45000 AMD for the second semester.

Address: A. Manukyan str. 11, Yerevan, 0070, Armenia
Working days and hours: Mon - Fri, 09:00-17:30
Telephone: +374 10 556281; +374 10 554104