Yerevan State University

The Alma Mater of Armenia, Yerevan State University, has got the history of fruitful 90 years. Every day thousands of students come here to get new knowledge and skills, to create and find common solutions for different issues. The most important thing for us is to create a suitable environment for scientists, reserchers and people, who just want to learn.
Yerevan State University’s activities are based upon providing high-quality education, to ensure the competitiveness of its alumni in the global labor market, as well as their integration into the European higher education sector. To confront the challenges and to effectively implement the educational mission, YSU continuously upgrades the content of its educational activities, applying current and effective training methods to provide students with extra auxiliary services to improve in a number of other directions as well.
As a leading academic and cultural institution YSU has carried out its crucial and honorable mission of passing on to our generations the rich national-cultural traditions of the Armenian people. Come here and you will see ancient Armenian educational traditions, mixed with progressive methods in the world. We try to enjoy studying, be flexible and creative.
Here you can enjoy our Cultural Center, which was founded in 2006. The center is composed of Theatre-Studio “Hamalsaranakan”, choir, ensembles, orchestra, etc.
Student Council of YSU is a very active structure. This structure protects the rights of students and makes our student life more active.
Student Scientific Society of YSU promotes the scientific, creative and spiritual development of students. It organizes conferences, sessions, seminars and lectures. The SSS of YSU also publishes the works of young scientists and students.
As for the physical training, there are different sections at the disposal of our students: football, volleyball, chess, swimming, etc.
We would like to introduce some of our centers in brief.
The mission of the Alumni and Career Center, established in 2006, is to raise the level of competitiveness of YSU students and alumni in the conditions of the modern labor market, as well as to support them in the process of decision-making. Taking into consideration the current challenges, typical for labor market, the center regularly organizes different events (internships, seminars, meetings with the center’s partners, designing of new projects) for the welfare of our students and alumni. A number of projects are implemented by the center in joint cooperation with partner organizations, as well as job fairs. The goal of the above mentioned undertakings is to solve the employment issue of YSU students and alumni.
YSU Russian Center, founded in 2008, realizes the propagation of Russian language and Russian classical and modern literature, organizes trainings for professorial staff, studentship. Regular days of Russian culture are held by the center.
The Greek Center-Library, opened in 1999 in the presence of the Presidents of Armenia and Greece, propagates the Greek language and culture in Armenia, as well as the scientific activities in the field of comparative Armenian-Greek linguistics and literary criticism. Greek-Armenian, Armenian-Greek dictionaries and phrase books, manual on Greek grammar for Armenians are composed at this center.

“Center for the Advancement of Natural Discoveries using Light Emission” – CANDLE Research Institute has operated at Yerevan State University as a separate union since January of 2007. The institute research activity is focused in 5 research groups – beam physics, RF systems, vacuum systems, x-ray optics, machine physics and technology, and a design office.

The Cosmology Research Group was founded on March of 2008. This was motivated by the outstanding development of cosmology based on the ever increasing stream of observational information, by the appearance of novel physical problems, advanced numerical algorithms, and by the experience of the group in international collaborations.

The Centre of Strong Fields Physics has been created on the base of the Department of Quantum Electronics and Scientific-Research Laboratory of Nonlinear Electrodynamics at Yerevan State University.
The Armenian Egyptology Centre was founded in 2006 on the initiative of Christian Tutundjian de Vartavan. The general goals of the Centre are to study the civilization of Ancient Egypt and push the frontiers of our knowledge concerning it, as well as establish the Armenian school of Egyptology.
YSU Center for European Studies is an educational and scientific center, created as a result of fruitful cooperation between YSU and EU Delegation to Armenia. It was founded in July 2006 and is funded by yearly grants provided by the State Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science RA. Being a unique educational and research institute specializing in EU studies, the Center aims to promote EU-Armenia cooperation and the process of Armenia’s European Integration through implementation of versatile and interdisciplinary research as well as educational programs corresponding to European standards. To fulfill the aforesaid functions the Center has gathered qualified specialists majoring in EU studies, hosts guest lecturers, researchers and experts.
IT Educational and Research Center was established in 2007 according to a proposal of the YSU rector and the corresponding decision of the YSU Scientific Council. The center participates in investigation of the following specific research directions: analysis, design and optimization of data and process models for distributed systems, testing of electronic systems, development of new learning technologies.
YSU Institute for Armenological Research was established on July 10, 2008 on the basis of the Center for Armenian Studies. Armenian Center for Georgian Studies, Department of the Armenian Identity and Culture, Department of Genocide, Department of Virtual Armenian Studies and Information, Department of the Ottoman Studies, Department of Diaspora, Source Studies Laboratory, Laboratory of Archeological Research, Laboratory of Historical Armenia’s Geography and Cartography function in the structure of the institute.
The International Center for Advanced Studies was founded by the order of the Rector of the Yerevan State University in 1999 with the aim of: uniting the scientific potential of YSU and the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in the sphere of fundamental and applied sciences, realizing the joint activity targeted at the improvement of education, elaborating the policy to contribute to the enhancement and development of the international collaboration.
The Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies was founded in April 2007, its main objective being the study of civilizational and cultural issues. The Center focuses its work on exploration of interactions between value systems, civilizational streams, and cultural norms, as well as performs the analysis of transformations caused by these interactions. Political and public processes take place at the regional level as well as the issue of possible changes in the functions of the states within the context of globalization occupy an important place in the research agenda of the Center. Results of the research projects carried out by the Center are presented to relevant state bodies in the form of recommendations.