Yerevan University after M. Mashtots

M.Heratsi 2/1, Yerevan, Armenia

The form of education is full-time and by correspondence.

The graduates are given a (state) diploma which is a document about higher education for state bodies and organisations.

There is a two-degree education in the university: bachelors degree and masters degree.
The University has its own building corresponding to modern demands, a large library, computer and linguaphonic lecture rooms.

Lecturers, academicians, doctors and candidates of sciences famous in our republic and abroad teach in the University.

There is a flexible system of rebates.

The University has a students Council and a scientific union, a club of the ceerful and keen-witted, connoisseur club, sports and tourist societies.

The graduates of the university work by their speciality both in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.

Foreigners can get higher and post-graduate education in the University according to the laws of the education of Republic of Armenia by higher and postgraduate educational programs, choosing the form of education (full-time, by correspondence, long-range) corresponding the list of fixed specialities. Applicants can also apply to our University on general basis, in this case the applicants documents are examined and counted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia.
The University has agreements signed with Yerevan dormitories in case foreigners need to be provided with dwellings.

Address: M.Heratsi 2/1, Yerevan, Armenia
Working days and hours: Mon-Fri
Telephone: +374 10 575012; +374 10 578101; +374 10 553543, +374 10 575099