Northern University

Al. Manukyan str., 15a , Yerevan, Armenia

Northern University is a higher educational establishment and it carries out educational programmes for the Bachelor’s and Master`s degrees accredited by the state.

Committed to its mission Northern University trains specialists in the following fields: with a supremacy of educational quality, according to the requirements of the modern job market

The Faculty of Law

1. Criminal –juridical
2. Civil- juridical
3. State-juridical
4. International-juridical

The Faculty of Economics and Management

Economics of Enterprises and Management (according to branches) /full-time, part-time/

1. Finance and bank management
2. Tax and customs management
3. Tourism management

The Faculty of Informatics and Computers Engineering

1. Programme providing of computer equipment and automatized systems,
2. Computing machines, computers complexes and nets (the specialty is accredited by the state only in Northern University)
(Only Northern University in Armenia has the state accreditation for this specialty)

The Faculty of Pedagogics

Pedagogics and Methods of Teaching (full-time, part-time)

1. Elementary education Pedagogics and Methods
2. Pre-School Pedagogics and Methods

The Faculty of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages and Literature (full-time, part-time)

1. English,
2. French,
3. Spanish

The faculty of Journalism

Journalism (full-time, part-time)

1. TV and radiojournalism,
2. The Press (with a profound foreign language course)

The Faculty of Philology

The Armenian Language and Literature (full-time, part-time)

The Faculty of Psychology

Psychology (full-time)

The duration of the full-time educational programme for the Bachelor’ s degree is four years, that of the part-time educational programme is five years ; the duration of the education programme for the Master’s degree is 2-2.5 years.

The University carries out its educational programme in accordance with ECTS system.

The excellent graduates of all the years are illegible for entering the Magistracy with tuition discount.
In Northern University the admission is also performed in a free system. Based on the results pot students are eligible for a free education by rotation in accordance with the results of the first academic year.

1. More than 10 named scholarships are meant for the best students as an additional incentive to contribute to the formation of the students’ civil patriotic and humane character, as well as socially vulnerable students’ are for 50 % discount.

2. The University provides profound courses of English and computer skills in accordance with the students’ preferences and inclinations.

The University students can simultaneously get a second specialization at a 50 % discount.
The University graduates are awarded with a state diploma, which is mandatory for working in all governmental bodies and organizations according to the law.

The University operates in the building, renovated in accordance with the modern requirements. The University is equipped with an electronic library, various computer and educational laboratories, meeting the international criteria.

The University also carries out the educational programmes of the nursing profession and that of dental technician, as well as a programme of high school general education.

The University is equipped with a computer, curricular, manual and informational base. The University is well- experienced in organizing students’ professional practice.

Northern University actively collaborates with a number of famous universities, among them the North-Western State Technical University and The Academy of Management and Economics of St. Petersburg. The University can provide foreign students with hostels within the framework of student mobility programmes. Within the framework of student exchange programmes, the University provides accommodation for foreign students.

Address: Al. Manukyan str., 15a , Yerevan, Armenia
Working days and hours:
Telephone: +374 10 554052; +374 10 573317