ASPU encourages the best students

Armenian State Pedagogical University continues to encourage students with Excellent educational progress and the students who show most active participation in the University life.

At this time, a big surprise was prepared for the students, holidays in Aghavnadzor from 31 January till 7 February. Five students were selected from each faculty, students who produced excellent educational progress.

In order to have exciting and adventurous holidays the Students Council representatives and some university lecturers will also be involved in the holiday-organizing process. The holiday-makers will also visit historical –cultural sites.

Various games, entertaining events, singing and dancing will fill the student’s holiday schedule.

This undertaking is another god way to encourage the best students of the Pedagogical University.

As a reminder, it should be mentioned that in December 2011 ten best students of faculties were granted another encouragement- a free trip to the well-known Sharm El Skeikh on the shores of the red Sea.

And the best student of 2011, Sarah Vanyan was granted a two-week trip to London on a training program by the governing bodies of the Pedagogical University.