The Oulu University Specialists at the Pedagogical

On the initiative of the  ”Bridge of Hope” NGO the strategy  and the law  for inclusive education was introduced  in Armenia. With their active participation and continuous support  a lot of  educational  programs are being  set in Armenian inclusive schools.


For the full-fledged  realization of the program the ”Bridge of Hope” gives a big importance  to the involvement  of the Pedagogical University as it is the only university in the Republic which trains for becoming pedagogues. A lot of joint projects  are being  worked out which are further accepted in accordance with the international experience.


From 30 January till 3 February within the framework of the program ”For the education  for all 3″, the Pedagogical University hosted the professor of the University of Oulu in Finland Tuomo Vilpolay and Marko Kielinei. They are among the consultants of the  program, thus, they came to Armenian to exchange their experience.


For the time being, two courses have been worked out for the BA and MA degrees. While the third stage of the program aims to make some contribution in the inclusive courses of the University, a review of the internship packages and their processing.


The package includes the whole process of the internship- the knowledge gained, the experience, the work done, and the conclusions after the internship. For the piloting stage of the program ten inclusive schools have been selected where the Pedagogical students will pass their internships. After the package further continuous training sessions are intended for the University lecturers, the internship supervisors, also for the tutors. The practice will allow the observing of all the negative aspects of the new package, consider all the options basis of which make the corresponding and bring it to get it finalized.


The five-day seminars were attended by the lecturers of Special Education Faculty, as well as specialists and representatives from other faculties and chairs. The dissimilarities of the educational systems of gave way to a number of clashes of opinions and stormy discussions.