National Education Qualifications Framework

All countries of European Higher Education Area have undertaken to develop a National Qualifications Framework compatible with the main framework of EHEA by 2010. Qualifications Frameworks are essential tools in accomplishing comparability and transparency with EHEA.

A National Qualifications Framework (NFQ) is supposed to link different qualifications in a country in order to provide an efficient qualification system for both employers and learners as they journey through life-long learning. It also facilitates mobility. The European Commission has established a meta-framework that enables the NQFs of a single member country to mesh with the overarching standard framework.

The European Qualifications Framework is to serve the objectives of life-long-learning, and is considered to be a meta-framework. It is a starting point, and a conversion mechanism, which makes the qualifications more readable within and between the countries that use this system as a standard for their home/national framework. It reflects the expected learning outcomes for a specific qualification; it indicates what learners know, understand and are able to do with the qualification.

National Framework of Armenian Education Qualifications is a general standard system aimed at linking different levels and types of qualifications on a principle, from the lowest to the highest.

NFAQ will link Armenian qualifications to those of other countries. This will assist employers and learners as they achieve qualifications moving through different levels. Moreover, it will contribute to an individual’s mobility through different countries through their pursuit of life-long-learning.

NQF is firstly designed for those who want to get qualifications with proper recognition being awarded through appropriate certificates, diplomas, and degrees, according to the learning outcomes of a certain specialization or education system.

In 2011 RA Government ratified “National Education Qualifications Framework of the RA” consisting of 8 levels. The description of the levels is given below.