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About Us

Pursue your dreams, see the world and experience unrivaled learning. We will support you all the way.

We are enthusiastic about offering foreign students opportunities to travel and study in Armenia. From orientation, immigration, and living experiences to employment prospects, we help you make your international educational endeavours successful in every way imaginable.



It all starts with why.

Rewarding learning experience is hard to find. Learning with no culture, race, nationality or language barrier even harder. We are here to bridge that gap.

Study in Armenia is infused with core values that promote diversity and unity, service to humanity and Armenia, and excellence in all things - to which we are all committed. We foster an environment that encourages experience-sharing, equality, love and empowerment. Armenia has rich history and culture, and most friendly people who willingly share their educational accomplishments with the rest of the world, and equally embrace cultures and achievements of other nations. We are setting a humble yet robust example of combining good service with good intent.



We are right behind you.

We are committed to offering the best services, programs, resources and information for international students in Armenia. We link students to some amazing universities in Armenia, creating opportunities for mutual development. Our focus is to help you actively every moment while ensuring you obtain the education that will offer access to numerous job opportunities around the world.