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42 School Yerevan and EU TUMO Convergence Center

Oct 22

In 2021 Armenia’s education system will add two amazing projects to its portfolio, which will elevate Armenia to the position of an unarguably leading tech nation in the region.

42 Yerevan School

42 Yerevan School, a coding school, will open its doors in January 2021. The coding school will offer free computer programming training to passionate young adults who want to learn.

42 is a network of France-based programming schools, with locations in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and 16 other cities around the world. The school was first opened in Paris in 2013.

42 aims at empowering the future tech generation and giving them the resources they can use to build the future they want for themselves and their families through technology.

42 equips its students with the necessary knowledge and skills to start their tech career. 42 graduates now run over 400 startup companies around the globe.

The curriculum design incorporates project-based learning and gamification, meaning targets as well as peers provide the students with encouragement rather than rules. You will delve into various subjects including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, application design, game development, networks and cloud computing, cryptography, computer graphics, data science, system management.

The selection process begins by taking a few online memory and logic tests, which are intended to evaluate an individual's capacity to learn computer programming. Applicants that have passed all of the stages successfully will begin their training in January 2021. Depending on the specialization the studies will last 1-3 years.

At 42, students are enthusiastic about what they do and study, which is an encouragement to follow the program itself. They are always extremely supportive and inspiring: you are going to be mentored by other students, and you are going to mentor others, which will motivate you to become your best.

EU TUMO Convergence Center

The EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science will bring together higher education and industry, connecting students, academics, and professionals to each other and to their global peers, while promoting creativity and entrepreneurship.

The center will provide a range of facilities for teaching and training, business incubators and accelerators, public retail outlets, as well as house the Tumo Labs, 42 Yerevan School, and the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of the French University of Armenia.

The EU Tumo Convergence Center aims to support and promote innovative ideas and education, with a major focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

If you become a student at one of these educational institutions, you will have a unique opportunity to enter a non-similar ecosystem, partner with business leaders, gain high-quality international education, research and work in parallel, and why not start your own technology or engineering company and conquer the world as PicsArt, which resides in the same center, did.

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