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Is Armenia Safe for International Students?

Feb 19

Studying in Armenia can be a life-changing experience. In the last decade, Armenia has become an important destination for foreign students, for good reason.

Armenia is safe, has low living costs and a vibrant international engineering and technology scene. Students come to study and soak up beautiful Yerevan and spectacular surroundings but ultimately go on to start their careers, set up new businesses, become designers, doctors or developers or join international companies. Armenia offers opportunities for everyone whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, artist, designer, developer or media professional. It is the perfect place to begin your studies and start off on a new career.

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Safety in Yerevan

Yerevan is fairly - even surprisingly - secure for a city that has a population of about 1 million. However, you should always take the same care when traveling to any big city, particularly at night when it comes to parks and subway stations, and packed minibuses and buses. Crime is small but it still occurs. Both the city center, where the majority of universities and colleges are located, and university hostels have a healthy and comfortable living and study environment.

According to Gallup’s Law and Order Index 2019, Armenia ranks the 7th among 142 countries, with 89% of adult Armenians feeling quite safe while walking home alone at night in the city or area where they live.

Safety in other regions

Armenia is universally hospitable - wherever you go, you are welcomed as a close friend or even a member of the family. So, if Armenians invite you over especially in villages, they view you as a family member, even if you might not meet up again. Though locals in regions don’t speak English in most cases, they will try their best to make you comfortable at their home - serving meals after meals. They will be happy to offer you help without expecting anything in return.

Transport in Yerevan

Yerevan is relatively small and the public transport system can quickly get you anywhere in the city. For students, the metro system is the most popular means of transport because it connects many areas to universities. Most importantly, all means of transport including taxis are very cheap. The modern airport and multiple rail terminals offer easy access to the city, and the opportunity to explore the rest of the country or travel to Georgia. On average, the transportation in Yerevan will cost 0.21$ and 2.7$ (one way) if you take a taxi. Travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia will cost 15-20$ per person.

Nightlife in Yerevan

Young adults and foreign students enjoy a vibrant social life, mingling within and outside universities with other local and foreign students. Nightlife venues are mostly situated in the center of the city, so if you don't like one for some reason, you can always walk to another and be sure that you and your friends are safe. At the same time, Armenians will expect you to respect them and their traditions.

Besides, you will also find a vast international scene with people from all over the world living in Yerevan and enjoying it! In general, Yerevan is a welcoming place for people from diverse backgrounds regardless of their ethnicity, race or religious belief.

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