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Visit Armenia, Get Vaccinated and Prevent Covid-19

Oct 23

Armenia is one of the luckiest  few countries in the world that has  all major Covid -19 prevention procedures and Vaccines available for its citizens and visitors , AstraZeneca, Sanofi/GSK, Pfizer/Biotech, Novavax,Moderna ,Sputnik,  etc. are all available.

All persons above the age of 18 can get vaccinated against COVID-19 free of charge at any polyclinic regardless of their address of registration. Vaccinations are free of charge for foreign citizens as well.

Foreigners who do not have Armenian resident permits and who are just visiting the country have been able to get vaccinated at Vaccine hotspots  around the city ,polyclinics, laboratories, mobile set up clinics in shopping malls and two major streets in downtown Yerevan. Each of those sites are  allowed to inoculate not more than 50 foreign visitors a day.

The Armenian Tourism Committee has announced that  more than 100,000 people from Iran,India,Russia etc have visited  the country since June 2021  just to get their hands on their preferred  Covid - 19 vaccine. Since most countries  have their  regulatory problems with either one or the other of the vaccines, this has made the Republic of  Armenia a medical tourism hotspot in this season without any hassles.

The Armenian government has promised that all tourists can be vaccinated here.

"We didn't have any special plans to develop vaccine tourism, it happened accidentally," said Alfred Kocharyan, deputy head of the Armenian Tourism Committee, adding that people were also coming from neighbouring countries  to get free shots.

As of July 15, foreigners can be inoculated in Armenia with any of the vaccines and must spend 10 days in the country before becoming eligible.

If you are interested in having the best possible medical care and you are in need of  options on Covid -19 prevention, book for your trip to Armenia !!  “Get Vaccinated and Prevent COVID-19”

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