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Applied Science Degree Programs and Professions in Armenia

Information about Applied Science Degree Programs and Professions.


Applied Sciences and Professions train specialists for various fields where they put scientific knowledge to practical use. These disciplines are valued for their practical knowledge and hands-on approach though they also include theoretical courses.


Enrol in these courses at one of Armenian universities or colleges. Join internship programs and grow as young professionals while getting to know how to apply your skills outside of the studies


Among other disciplines, Applied Sciences and Professions include design, social work, emergency management, food sciences, healthcare and engineering.


If you choose to pursue a degree in emergency management, you will spend much of your studying time examining natural, technical and human-induced emergencies and catastrophes and participating in on-site disaster management trainings. As a designer, you will start and end your day by experimenting, studying various design methods and schools. Whatever degree you opt for, you will learn to come up with crucial and practical solutions and make quick effective decisions.

Over 10 colleges and universities in Armenia offer bachelor's and master's degrees in Applied Science.


What you will get 


  • Not a typical office job with different real-life challenges. 
  • Skills to transfer scientific knowledge into a physical environment.
  • Opportunity to become a niche expert in your region.
  • Possibility to benefit the local community and mankind.

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