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Education and Training Degree Programs in Armenia

Information about Education and Training Degree Programs

The world's developed countries have always put modernizing their education systems as a top priority. The shift to a more modernized education system is impossible without smart and well-trained teachers. If you want to study abroad and make a difference in your community, Education and Training degree programs are for you.


This multidisciplinary field covers aspects of languages, literature, history, economics, psychology, etc. Because preschoolers, school children, teenagers, or adults all learn differently, bachelor’s and master’s degree courses will equip you with differentiated methods and approaches.


Learn how to maintain an engaging and motivated class and how to balance theoretical elements with the implementation of newly learned concepts and collaborative group activities. You will also be taught how to promote and improve the natural learning abilities of individuals as well as how to integrate technology into the classroom to enhance the student learning experience.


Apart from traditional bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in education and training, Armenian State Pedagogical University delivers courses in special needs and inclusive education that has become a basic necessity worldwide.

What you will get

  • A noble and respectable profession.
  • Possibility to serve as coach by integrating and applying systematic knowledge to help institutions.
  • Access to a range of different professions, including curriculum designers, education psychologists, and education officers.
  • Opportunity to work both in a megapolis and small town.


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