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Law Degree Programs in Armenia

Information about Law Degree Programs


Study criminal, civil and business law at the best universities in the region. Explore classical and contemporary legal theories as well as gain knowledge regarding legal challenges related to climate change and human rights.


Delivered in English, law degree courses at Armenian universities will equip you with the core knowledge and skills required to become a solicitor or barrister but will be equally useful for any profession where it is necessary to think critically and communicate clearly. Since it is a mixture of several fields at once, you will obtain a deep knowledge of the history of law, vocabulary, international law and criminology and the ability to communicate effectively, negotiate and persuade others.


Law degrees are a valuable way to train not just for specific legal professions but also for a wide variety of positions including positions in governmental and international organizations. Legal studies offer a framework for work in business, banking and investment firms, insurance, social security, and social services, etc. However, no matter what law career you will eventually choose, you ought to be an advocate of the truth, follow the laws yourself and set an example to others.


What you will get


  • Ability to better articulate and evaluate situations and make data-driven decisions.
  • Refined communication skills and adaptability towards various career transitions.
  • High lifetime earning potential.

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