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Medicine and Health Degree Programs in Armenia

Information about Medicine and Health Degree Programs


From surgery, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, dentistry, pharmacology to healthcare administration and medical technology, Armenian universities traditionally offer the best bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in medicine and health in the region.


If you have chosen to pursue an MBBS degree abroad, you should be ready to study several years before you are able to apply the scientific foundation in the clinical setting. Choose a career pathway in medicine and health that suits you most, work hard and you will be rewarded.


Healthcare industry offers enticing job opportunities. With the rise of the digital health market, opportunities appear even more alluring. Today, the evolving healthcare market demands students with multidisciplinary knowledge who are ready to include data and technology in their studies. Medical degree programs in Armenia will equip you with the digital health knowledge you will need to succeed in the future job market.


Established in 1920, Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi always puts education options for international students as a top priority, improving the quality of teaching and learning and regularly refining the study processes. Today, the Medical University has tens of thousands of students from almost every continent.


What you will get


  • One of the most employable and well-respected degrees worldwide.
  • Opportunity to give back to society and help people.
  • Opportunity to study in a multicultural environment.
  • One of the top highest-paid professions in the world.

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