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Computer Science and Information Technology Degree Programs in Armenia

H2 Information about Computer Science and Information Technology Degree Programs


Earning a graduate degree in computer science and information technology can lead to jobs in both tech and non-tech businesses. From IT operations and database management to game and app development, these disciplines will equip you with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Study programming languages such as C #, Python, JavaScript or Java and open the door to a most prestigious job that yields a splendid salary.


As businesses and entire countries become more reliant upon new technologies and process automation, employment opportunities in this area will continue to see a steady growth. It should come as no surprise that tech billionaires lead the Forbes list over the past decade.


Armenia continues to be the regional leader in the IT and high-tech industry, with tech businesses being the driving force of the country’s economic growth. And this has had an impact on education as well. Synopsys, IBM, Microsoft and other well-known corporations have recently introduced their university education programs.


What you will get


  • Excellent possibility to work part-time while in college.
  • Numerous opportunities to work remotely and as a freelancer.
  • Potential to relocate abroad for work.
  • One of the highest-paying occupations in the world.

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