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Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences Programs In Armenia

Information about Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences Degree Programs


Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences is a multidisciplinary subject that deals with the environment and solution of environmental problems. Study these courses in English in Armenia, benefit from studying abroad, and make a difference in your community.


Geology, Geography, Plant Science, Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Forestry, Climate Studies, and Meteorology fall under the Environmental Studies umbrella. You will focus on studying the interactions between humans and the environment and on how to find solutions to real-world issues such as emissions, deforestation, waste generation, or global warming. Classes involve a great deal of outdoor work and research, with a lot of time spent on doing fieldwork, collecting air, water, and soil samples for laboratory analysis.


As a dedicated environmental scientist, you will also educate people on how they should interact with the environment and limit the negative impact of their activities on the planet. Finally, you will help them become more aware of the importance of an eco-friendlier lifestyle.


Obtaining quality and legacy-rich education at one of the Armenian universities, you will be able to find a job in your country or another country and help create a healthy, environmentally sustainable economy and society.


What you will get


  • Access to interesting and rewarding jobs.
  • Contribution to the community you belong to.
  • Research and scientific prospects.
  • A broader set of transferable skills, including planning and project management skills.

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