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Journalism and Media Degree Programs in Armenia

Information about Journalism and Media Degree Programs


Journalism and Media degree programs will walk you through media production, both print and digital, and information distribution channels and strategies. Whether it is print media, television or vlog and social media, journalists are recognized and respected for objective reporting.


Sharpen your practical and competent writing and presentation skills and get some hands-on experience at local media agencies in Armenia. Learn how to analyse events and critically evaluate arguments, how to produce news stories and reports, conduct interviews and write investigation reports.


If you are a tech-savvy individual who is eager to work across many dimensions, you may choose multimedia and data journalism. Both specializations will help you provide detailed information by applying cutting-edge technology, preparing infographics and other visuals, and aggregating and adapting content for various platforms.


You can easily find positions in newspapers, TV and radio networks, media outlets, or work as a copywriter or proofreader, editor or communications officer.


What you will get


  • Skills to turn your passion for writing into a career that yields good salaries.
  • Not a typical 9-6 office job with a good deal of flexibility.
  • Skills and knowledge to work as a content writer, copywriter, or public relations specialist.
  • Ample opportunities to travel and explore the world.

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