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Armenian State University of Economics

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Armenian State University of Economics

The Armenian State University of Economics is the leading economics, finance, business administration, and marketing university in Armenia. Since its establishment in 1975 the university has educated 30 000 students who successfully began careers as economists in academia, business, finance or government.

Its library is one of the largest in Armenia, and has over 180,000 books. In 2013, the university established the Amberd Research Center which carries out various research projects in the fields of economics, finance and marketing.

There are famous experts in the faculty, including former prime ministers and ministers.










The undergraduate programs introduce students to key economics subjects like microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, and econometrics. These degrees help them challenge and evaluate facts, build arguments, and improve their analytical and communication skills-all of which are valued in roles related to management. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs allow international students to obtain a general education in disciplines that underlie the theory and practice of management, while still specialising in economics.

The internship programs train students for a career in the fields of professional accounting, finance, investment research and management, financial reporting and more advanced academic study. The University cooperates with all banks and financial institutions in Armenia within placement programs and connects students with potential employers. With the life-long business management and marketing skills obtained at this university, a lot of graduates have started their own businesses.

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